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BONDS Belts are manufactured with polyurethane 92?shore as standard. Special compounds are available on request (different hardness's, special properties) please contact our technical staff.

BONDS Belts can be manufactured with special coating on the teeth or on the back 



NFT  Nylon fabric teeth coating. A coating green in colour providing lower noise and less friction. Coatingused for conveying systems. Has intermediate resistance to oils but goods resistance to water. 

AVAFC Polyurethane 85?shore A hardness transparent in colour. Standard thickness 2mm. Back coatingused for conveying abrasive materials, with high friction coefficient and very good oil resistance. 

POROL Open cellular neoprene rubber 10?shore A black in colour. Back coating used for conveying fragilematerial, material with high friction coefficient intermediate resistance to oils and grease. 

PU YELLOW Foamed polyurethane coating 50?shore A . Back coating used for vacuum conveying systems, with good resistance to friction and good resistance to oils. 

TENAX Natural rubber coating 45?shore A. Back coating vulcanized and truly endless red in colour. Coating used for conveying abrasive materials,. High friction coefficient, good wear resistance. 

LINATEX Natural rubber coating 42?shore A. Jointed and glued red in colour. Back coating used for conveying Abrasive material. High friction coefficient, good wear resistance and resistant to water.

HONEY COMB Natural rubber coating 4.5mm standard thickness red in colour. Back coating used for packaging industry. Good resilience and high wear resistance. Very good water resistance. 

NEOPRENE Synthetic rubber coating 70?shore A grey/black in colour. Back coating used for conveying delicate and small materials. Good resistance to oils and abrasives, material is non flammable.


BONDS Belts are manufactured with steel cords as standard. Special cords are available on request. 


 HP High Performance cords have 25% more strength capacity than standard cords.

HF High Flex cords can accept smaller sprocket and idler diameters than standard cord.

HPF High Performance and Flexible cords have 25% more strength capacity and more flexibility than standard cords. 

BONDS Belts can be made with special executions, double sided tooth belt, self tracking applications and several kinds of cleats can be welded on belts for special conveying applications.



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