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Bonds can manufacture specialty belts to meet your intended application.

Special belts can be manufactured in a standard or coated executions according to customerís specific requirements. They can also be custom milled, grinded or drilled and cleats can be welded on the back to assist with conveying of materials.

 Specialty Belts

       Mill Belts

       Cotton Cleaner Belts

       Vacuum Belts

      Special pitch belts

      Custom made coating, profiles and cleat types.

 Special Executions

Special Cleats - special cleat designs allowing belts to be made for a variety of applications.  

Special Reworking - custom made elements for conveying applications. 

Extruded Belts - specially extruded belts for vacuum applications in the carton conveying industry. 

Special Coatings - special coatings for abrasive and non abrasive conveying applications.



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We have setup a constant research program for new products.


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