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With the highest standards of quality and an extensive variety of belts, Bonds really gets things moving. Our high efficiency flat and tangential belts are ideal for high power transmission, while further tasks are best fulfilled by spindle tapes, machine tapes and round belts. For specialized applications, seamless power transmission belts guarantee the highest degree of precision.

Whether it is twisters, texturing machines, ring spinning frames, double twisters or cover spinning frames the following requirements are increasingly important for the tangential belt:

  • 1) Greatest possible transmission of effective pull while using the technical properties to the fullest

  • 2) Reduced noise generation as speeds increase

  • 3) Functional reliability, ensuring high productivity

Highly-modular tangential belts are being used increasingly more often, in addition to the reasonably-priced, tried-and-tested tangential belts.

Construction Traction Layer Total Elongation Min Pulley

  Top Cover Bottom Cover   Thickness at 1 % strain Diameter
Material Color Material Color   mm N/mm mm
BRS170 BR Dark Green BR Red Polyamide 1.70 5.5 25
BRS230 BR Dark Green BR Red Polyamide 2.30 5.5 25
BRS250 BR Dark Green BR Red Polyamide 2.30 11 65
BRS300 BR Dark Green BR Red Polyamide 3.00 11 65
BRS320 BR Dark Green BR Red Polyamide 3.20 16 125
BRS400 BR Dark Green BR Red Polyamide 4.00 16 125


Our customer service department will gladly advise you on what is the best solution for your application. Please contact us with the details of the problem and the application you have.



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